About Suraya 

my atelier

I was born in Mexico City and I am now a full-time artist and architect, living in Brighton on the South-East coast of England. 

My relationship with the visual arts began when I opened my eyes as a small child in Mexico. The environment where I grew up, the influence of a very creative mother and a passionate, book reading father had a great impact on how those eyes saw the world. 

Today my work is influenced by contemporary literature and architecture and informed by silence, clouds and dreams. With color I try to navigate the sea, the morning sky, the universe and its night stars. 

My techniques are mixed. I have a preference to work in watercolor on paper. I experiment with crayons, ink, gouache and acrylics.

For many years I worked in small formats with watercolors and black ink but I am now trying bigger formats and I'm starting to feel comfortable with them. The process has given me the patience and the excitement to work every day and helped me to enrich my work with new materials, formats and techniques.


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